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平台: Windows

A puzzle-solving game that draws four different types of Cubes : earth, water, fire, and wind


  • Pixel art
  • anime style
  • illustration


  • 1) Project Details: 

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  • Project Name : SHUNYA
  • Platform : PC (Steam)
  • Genre : Puzzle, 2D Platformer
  • Target Audience : Casual and puzzle game players of all ages
  • Unique Selling Point : Simultaneous control of a girl and a cat with Magic Cube Mechanic
  • Estimated Gameplay Time : 3 hours or more
  • Art Style : Pixel art
  • Number of Worlds : 6
  • Number of Levels : Over 150

2) Game Concept Design and Game Design Document:
a) Game Idea Concept:
"Shunya" is a 2D platform puzzle game that players to control both a girl and a cat simultaneously using the
keyboard and mouse. Players will embark on an adventure through 6 different worlds, each with its own theme
and set of levels, the girl's use the cat's Magical Cube-Drawing Powers to solve puzzles and overcome

b) Gameplay Mechanics:

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  • Players control both a girl and a cat simultaneously using the keyboard and mouse.
  • The girl and cat can move independently and only the girl can interact with the environment.
  • The girl can jump, climb, and interact with objects, while the cat can draw magic cubes, activate switches, and manipulate the environment.
  • The cat can draw magic cubes that the girl can use to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles.
  • The player will need to strategically use the girl and cat's abilities to navigate through levels and solve puzzles.

c) Core Mechanics:

  • There are four type of Elemental magic cubes which is EARTH, FIRE, WATER, and WIND that can be used to solve puzzles and manipulate the environment:
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  • i) Earth Magic Cube: Acts as a solid platform that the girl can stand on, allowing her to reach higher platforms or cross gaps.  
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  • ii) Water Magic Cube: Creates a pool of water that the girl can swim in, allowing her to access submerged areas or bypass hazards.  
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  • iii) Fire Magic Cube: Generates flames that can propel the girl upwards their size, allowing her to move faster or reach high platforms.  
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  • iv) Wind Magic Cube: Creates a gust of wind that can push or pull the girl, allowing her to navigate through obstacles or reach distant areas.