Writing a term paper with the correct formatting and making a neat professional presentation is as important as college essay writing service the main essay. One will have to research well on the topic as well keep an eye on other aspects as well, like giving in a paper that is free of any sort of grammatical error, giving correct citations and referencing, etc. Certain formats followed are the same for any given term paper or research paper. These are:

1. The essay should be computer generated unless otherwise specified white paper and on one side only.

2. There should be a margin of 1inch on all sides of the essay written. However, in case of MLA and APA formatting, there will be a header on all the pages carrying the name of the writer or the short title of the project along with the page number on the upper right corner of the header.

The term paper title page is optional in most cases and it is up to the instructor as to whether he wants it or not. Always follow the guidelines as set by the instructor in this case. If a title page is indeed required then format the page as follows. First, you will have to take a separate page and center each line and double-space every line while writing on a title page. Then follow the below-given pattern:

1. Write the name Student(s) name

2. The course name and the course code

3. Semester details in which the course was undertaken(optional)

4. Name of the university or college (optional)

5. Name of the professor under whom the course was undertaken

6. Date of project submission

7. Project title

Thus your term paper title page should appear as follows:

1. Shaw Elizabeth

2. History of America: NVW- 4B1 – 09

3. Semester details, if the teacher wants it

4. Name of the university, if the teacher wants it

5. Ms. L.Fisher

6.27 November 2009

7.Fugitive Slave Act and its repercussions

A title page should be neatly written with not much frills and decorations on it. Generally, only one to two different types of fonts (Arial or the Times New Roman) is allowed while writing the title page as too many different kinds of fonts only serve to distract the reader and the essay paper would lose the intended formal look. The format of the cover paper should be made simple without too many graphs or pictures. If an image is found to be relevant and suitable to the main theme of the paper it can be given, but only with the instructor’s permission. However colored background graphics are allowed and this can be effectively used to make the paper attractive. Sometimes logos and tags of various entities related to the project, especially in business study term papers, can be used to give an idea of the project work.

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