indienova LIVE

Livestreaming for Chinese players

Livestreaming has became one of the most important channels for Chinese players to seek new games.

Indienova has an official streaming channel on Douyu, which is one of the biggest streaming sites in China. We have over 11,000 followers now, and there are at least 3 streaming events each week (Mon, Wed, Fri). Our streamers are professional gamers with good sense of humor, they could bring real experience and loads of excitement to the audience while playing any game.

We are always eager to play new and fascinating games and show them to thousands of Chinese players. If you want us to play your game and stream it, just let us know. It’s totally free! We are also happy to make your game to be exposed more than you can imagine since we have good relationship with Douyu.

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Contact us if you are interested: info(@)