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Platforms: Windows / XBOX ONE


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  • 让每一场战斗都是全新而令人兴奋的体验
  • 像素风画面
  • 多样的技能组合效果


《MechCrisis》It's a Roguelike shooter game

Warriors, hold on for 20 minutes! Resist the invasion of intelligent machinery

In a Roguelike extreme survival game, choosing different skills to level up makes each battle a new and exciting experience, with different characters having their own unique active skills, around which we can build our own gameplay each turn

Refreshing shooting experience

Have different weapons, experience different combat fun

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Make every battle new and exciting

In a Roguelike extreme survival game, choose from different combinations of guns, skills, parts, and ammunition

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There are multiple characters to choose from

Different characters have different active skills, as well as upgrades
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Interesting enemies

Multiple enemies and boss battles
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