Candle Man

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Gao Ming

Platforms: XBOX ONE

  • Play as an unconventional flawed protagonist: a little candle who can only illuminate for 10 seconds.
  • Face unexpected and challenging obstacles which rely on light and shadow play.
  • Experience an immersive perilous gameplay environment.

Game Information

国行和海外版的激活码都有,请根据自己的Xbox One版本申请。




A distinctive 3D platformer, Candleman’s action adventure gameplay uses the mechanics of light and shadow to tell an immersive story. Players take on the role of a lowly candle with the ability to burn for a meager 10 seconds. This power, though small, is Candleman’s only resource against the challenges and obstacles in the darkness ahead. Trapped in the darkness, Candleman must burn himself to illuminate the nearby environment and find the way out. A wide range of stunning environments provide the backdrop as players experience this unsettling yet intriguing adventure.

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