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Platforms: Windows / Android

  • Randomly generated stars: yellow dwarfs, white dwarfs
  • Random planet types: vacuum planet, carbon planet, ocean planet and more than 30 kinds of planet types
  • Random planet features: great river eastward, ice Age, etc
  • Galactic macrostructures: planetary shields, sovereign centers, etc

Game Information

Only Chinese Version.Sorry.I'm the only programmer.



Randomly generated stars:

Yellow dwarf, White Dwarf

Random planet types:

Vacuum, carbon, temperate, tropical, cold zone and other 14 types of planets.

Randomly generated additional planet features:

There are more than 40 planetary characteristics such as ore caves and running rivers.

Random terrain generation:

Use Berlin noise to generate mountains and oceans on the surface.

Different planets have different terrain generation mechanisms:

Up to the area of the ocean,

Down to mineral reserves,

Adjust measures to local conditions and find the best development model.

To build in planetary orbits:

Probes, satellites,

And a planetary shield that covers the entire planet.

Conquering galaxies, marking their sovereignty with stellar giants;

Wrapping the stars, robbing the sun of its light with steel;

Improve technology, increase source and reduce expenditure, and develop advanced technology.