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Platforms: Windows / iOS

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After nearly 1 year of Early Access, Rush Rover has finally released.

Due to our evaluation and player feedback during Early Access period, we've adjusted the price of base game after final release. Meanwhile,for everyone who bought the game during Early Access, your game has been upgraded to Deluxe Edition which include a brand new OST DLC.

Thank you all so much for supporting us, we couldn't finish the game without your help. We hope you could keep enjoying the game.

We would still keep updating this game and reacting to player feedback, please feel free to leave any comment as usual!

Rush Rover is a 2D top-down shooter game. Compared to other similar games of the genre, the shooting experience is closer to traditional shoot'em up games. It includes random map generation, unique weapons, lots of different enemies, exciting boss battles and a dynamic chiptune soundtrack.

In the universe of Rush Over, intelligent robots and mining exploration have spread over every known galaxy. After the war of independence against humanity, these highly intelligent and powerful machines attempt to rule over everything so they start hacking other robots. You control a "clean" mining rover, picking up weapons and rushing to survive!


- Roguelike gameplay

- Random map generation

- Unique weapons

- Customized upgrading system

- Blueprint collection

- Exciting boss battles

- Various enemies

- Bullet-hell gameplay

- Sci-fi pixel art style

- 8-bit style soundtrack

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