Gorgeous and Fantastic Battle

Gorgeous and Fantastic Battle

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Platforms: Windows

The game describes a small war of the three camps. At the beginning, you can choose a human, robot, or alien to start your journey. You can play this game with the overhead view or third person view.

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  • 可以俯视角进行游戏
  • 也可以第三人称进行游戏
  • 大地图
  • 攻城和野战
  • 招募同伴
  • 竞技场
  • 挑战


"Gorgeous and Fantastic Battle" is a war strategy simulation game, which describes a Little War of three camps. At the beginning of the game, you can choose a human, robot, or alien to play and start your journey. Most of the time, you can control one or more teams of soldiers to engage in a battle from a top-down perspective. You can also switch to the third person perspective of any of our characters to experience the fun of galloping on the battlefield. Collecting resources, trading resources, and ultimately unifying this world will be your ultimate goal.


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