WTC : No Extra Regrets For The Future

WTC : No Extra Regrets For The Future

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Grendel Jinx is in danger of having to repeat a school year. Refusing to allow this to happen, she enlists the services of the protagonist - her newly found "Best Friend" - and is promptly rebuffed. Grendels drastic actions to fix her problem soon attracts the attention of her mother.

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Grendel Jinx : A lazy, megalomaniacal kleptomaniac

Five years ago, she nearly suffered a fatal and self-inflicted accident during a school outing, saved only by the protagonist's fortuitous presence.

After rescuing her, the protagonist is promptly coerced into signing a "Friendship Agreement" form - a document designed to tie the protagonist to Grendel, both personally and financially, and then ultimately for the protagonist to join Grendel's organisation.

With the arrival of the last day of term, Grendel needs to hand in her remaining homework or face the prospect of repeating a year.

Drafting in the protagonist to solve her problem, Grendel is annoyed when her demands are swiftly rebuffed.

Initiating a devious plan to ensure her education can progress without interruption, Grendel's actions soon attract her mother's attention, who has her own nefarious plans for the protagonist.


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