Mist Slayer

Mist Slayer

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Platforms: Windows

Mist Slayer is an action Roguelite game. You are a time traveling hero, called to aid in a mystical war, and armed with unique weapons and skills. Face down amazing enemies in parallel universes, collecting various power-ups, and exploring as you go. Play alone or team up with friends.

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  • 3D Action Combat - All characters have their own unique attacks and special moves. Dodge, block, parry...Use your beautiful combos to defeat evil enemies in the mist.
  • Various Builds - Collect hundreds of different elements powers and items to create your unique combination.
  • Co-Op Mode - Play solo or with up to three friends in online co-op. Experience the strategy and fun of teamwork.
  • Unlock and Upgrade - Unlock new characters and upgrade them. Explore the mist world to find more new collections.


- Mist Slayer is a 3rd person 3D action Roguelite game.
- You play as a time traveler summoned by the Godddess of mist world to defeat an evil invasion.
- Play as different characters with distinctive fighting styles.
- Each run is randomly generated with different levels, enemies, collectable power-ups and items.
- The game supports up to 4 players in online multiplay. Team up with your friends, or go it alone!


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