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Platforms: Windows

Puzzle Mino is a minimalist puzzle game.

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Puzzle Mino is a minimalist puzzle game.

As a puzzle solver, you need to use the blocks to fill in the empty parts of the puzzle panel. With this core gameplay, I has designed about 10 unique mechanisms and a total of about 100 hand-crafted puzzles.


All elements of the game are designed to not interfere with the player's flow of puzzle solving, you can immerse yourself in solving each puzzle.


If you get stuck on one puzzle, you can choose to play other puzzles, the unlocking of puzzles in the game is non-linear.If you like, the game even provides the ability to unlock all the puzzles, and you can freely choose the order in which you play.


All the puzzles in the game can either be solved through logical reasoning, or require a flash of inspiration. You do not need to guess, trial and error to solve the puzzles.


The difficulty of the puzzles is comparable to the puzzle game The Witness, and if you have experience with puzzle solving games, I believe most of the puzzles in this game can be solved within 5 minutes.If you like hard puzzles, there are several puzzles designed to rack your brain for each mechanism in the game, welcome to challenge.


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