Life is not Auto

Life is not Auto

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Platforms: Windows

《LIFE IS NOT AUTO》is a rhythm + survival based timing game. You manually control the organs to keep your character alive until life ends.

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Rhythm game? survival game?
"LIFE IS NOT AUTO" is more like a timing game.
Players manually control the character's organs to keep them alive and live a lifetime.
Life is fragile, your little mistakes might causes the sickness or death very easily.
Let's control the organs one by one and make good choices every moment to make the character healthy and live longer.

7 keys, 3 control methods

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Don't let your fingers stop moving on the keyboard!

Keep the tension, feel the rhythm, and control your organs!

Good or bad

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3 seconds of judgment is fatal for a character.

Managing stress, thirst and hunger

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Three elements affect the character's health. Please take care!

It can be complicated, just keep in mind two things

without bubbles: press

with bubbles: think before press


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