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Tinting Time

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Platforms: Windows

Tinting Time is a Japanese-style crafting game. Play as creators who can create all kinds of solutions, and spend some leisure time in the city of Folest. The game's creation system that combines crafting and complex resource management gameplay is eye-catching.

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  • The game's main "creation gameplay" is an unprecedented gameplay that combines crafting and complex resource management. Players use tabletop planning and numerical calculations to create solutions with unique properties. It's bound to be eye-catchin


Tinting Time is an indie game developed by only 1 person. Your support can take me further.

Tinting Time is inspired by classic Japanese role-playing games. In the game, players will play the role of "creator" girls who can create all kinds of wonderful solutions. Create solutions through complex and interesting processes to meet the needs of customers and commissions.

Choose between several different game modes, from traditional story mode to Rouge-Lite mode. Play different roles in different modes and experience the unique solution-making gameplay of different characters.

Create unique solutions

  • Explore more than 80 distinctive solutions, each filled with a variety of properties.
  • Make the same solution produce different properties by controlling variables, and even transfer properties between different solutions.
  • Using more than 20 skills, items and more tinting buffs to assist in the production of solutions.
  • Planning layout and consumption of costs, bad planning and waste of costs may result in the solution not meeting standard.

Meet new friends

  • Feel the Soft-yuri-style character relationship.
  • Befriend nearly 10 girls. From an indifferent librarian to a scheming childhood sweetheart, or even a granny with beast ears and tails?
  • Communications with partners will gradually change your personality and feedback in the creation process.

Complete commissions and witness growth

  • Accept whimsical commissions from companions and residents, and craft weird solutions to complete them.
  • Get to know each partner in depth during the commissions.
  • The way quests are completed can have subtle effects on the story and even lead to different game endings.


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