Space Recall

Space Recall

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Platforms: Windows

"Space Recall" is a 2DPlatform game with action Roguelike structure, skill and equipment combination as innovation point, and economic operation as the driving force.

Players control a new robot, E-201, to solve a crisis at the space station after a difficult battle. And discover the hidden conspiracy behind the event.

During the game, players can build character skills according to the situation, and at the same time, with special abilities, combine a strong suit to face difficulties.以上翻译结果来自有道神经网络翻译(YNMT)· 通用场景

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  • Consume energy for the skills.Player need to manage the different energy to make damage


On the space station, where technology and civilization are highly advanced, intrigue and desire continue to grow. The newly awakened robot E-201 is charged with saving the space station.

2DPlatform game
Back to the Stars is a platformer action game with the classic Rogue-lite features of building unplayable skill sets every time you play, and starting over if you fail.

Diversified skills
The character collects and assembles chips to gain skills that can be released actively by you, and the player has three chip slots, which means that the player can freely combine skills according to the actual situation, and can have up to three active skills at the same time. To use a chip skill to consume its corresponding element, the player must ensure that there are enough elements to free the chip. Elements can be gained by attacking enemy drops or devices and combo effects. Collecting the same type of chip can upgrade the chip and gain more powerful skills.

High challenge level
The high risk and high reward challenge level will certainly satisfy the challenge desire of all action players.

Runaway Boss
Programmed to attack the powerful Mechs indiscriminately, E-201 must defeat them in order to move forward.

Galaxy Racing
A race of speed and passion in space

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