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    Role Playing
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    Windows / Android
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The Princess Gremory is told by Barbatos that she has been cursed to become a human being.

She needs to invade the dungeon, defeat different warriors and rescue the dragon Vasak, whose her fiance...

Detail information

Princess, the girl who lost her memory, is she a monster or a human?

She discovers mysterious monsters and tombstones in the dark forests of the west, but leaping into the abyss requires defeating warriors who claim to have known her.

Deep underground, Agares, the prince of Sheba, has been waiting for her for years, not only for him, but for the whole city of Sheba.

The truth of the city's sinking underground is buried in Varshak's belly, imprisoning the dragon whether it is human justice or racial cruelty.

She needs to explore the past and discover herself;

She chose to save the dragon? Or will she believe in human nature?


The game is a platform-fighting game with three types of attack

1 Ordinary attack

2 Ars Goetia

3. Abracadabra

It's a boss battle game with a bit of soul like \ rougelike

Attribute growth affects the whole game

The Abracadabra,you use it correct,you can use it forever,if you miss your control,it will be only  used once in one game loop.

Game Features

  • boss Variety
  • Soul like
  • rougelike

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