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Will: A Wonderful World and Its Creator Miaoyi Wang

​We met with Miaoyi Wang, the founder of 4D Door and the creative spirit behind the acclaimed indie hit Will: A Wonderful World. We discussed game development, influences, indie in China and much more!​

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Global Game Jam 2018 in China

Situation of Global Game Jam 2018 and two games born in it are shown in this report. Check it out.

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Talk to Boyu:Imagination, Reality and Exploring New Lands

Lin Boyu is an indie developer in China. Before To the Absurd Life, an ambitious survival project in the style of Don’t Starve with a biopunk theme, he and his team developed puzzle games for iOS, which often successfully won Apple recommendations.

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Indienova goes to Sonkwo 5th anniversary Game Show in 798 Art Zone

Last weeks Ceasia held a Game Show for Sonkwos 5th anniversary, and this is the report of it.

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In this interview, we go through some of the issues in the translation of Chinese RPG into English/European languages and their reception in the West.

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Monument Valley 2 Production Team Interview --- Feel The Ultimate Experience Of Interaction

How to tell a story using interaction and art? This Ustwo Games interview will tell you.

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Ludographic Dissonance: The Uncanny Valley in Gameplay

The uncanny valley happens because there are differences between expectation and experience. We can find such dissonance in other areas. For this article, the dissonance lies between graphics and game mechanisms, which I’m calling ludographic dissonance.

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Back to Reading from Playing

I mean, we see too much the debate between narrative and ludology, but the question dissolves when you come back to being a reader instead of player. As a reader, do you mind that your "reading" is disconnected from the story?

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Design of Local Multiplayer Game

How would the experience of playing local multiplayer games online affect them, mechanically, socially, or otherwise? What about physical proximity is important to the way local multiplayer games are played? How might the design decisions have been influenced by local play?

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I and Me Cat Plush Sponsored Giveaway

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Talk to Robin: A Narrative Designer majoring in Game Writing

We knew Robin at Game Hub Jam. He learns Game Writing at University of Skövde and acted as narrative designer for two teams there. Our developers quite admired his professional skill which caught my interests.

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What would be Chinese indie games like in the future?

We are delightful to see China is not lagging behind too far this time. We have the most players, we've formed our own game culture, we've finished basic technology accumulation. And now it's time to make our voices heard.

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